Craft paper

Specification: 110g.120g.135g.140g.165g.170g.200g。

Fixed quantity: ±4 g/㎡

Tightness: ≥0.7 g/cm3

Rupture resistance index: ≥2.3 Kpa.㎡/g

Horizontal ring pressure index: ≥7.0 N.m/g

Horizontal folding degree: ≥18 times

Water absorption   (cobb60):≤40 g/㎡

Moisture off production line: 7-8%

The company has a production line of 4800mm kraft box board, with an annual production capacity of up to 200,000 tons, which can fully meet the needs of customers with different specifications and grades. The appearance quality and technical indicators of this series of products have reached or exceeded the indexes stated in product standard of GB/T13024-2003 Case Board. After years of factual verification, the A2 grade kraft board paper produced by our company is fully suitable for carton and cardboard production lines at various speeds due to its high strength and good surface properties, which has been highly praised and affirmed by customers.

The use of box board: it is mainly bonded with corrugated paper core to make corrugated box used for packing household appliances, general merchandise, needle-cotton fabrics, stationery commodity, and outer packaging of Chinese and Western medicines.