Hardwood film faced plywood

♦     Product details 
The film faced plywood was selected by Luli Group to produce poplar plywood, hardwood plywood and oriented strand board as the base material. Since 2014, the thick core (up to 3 mm in thickness of veneer) multilayer board has been used as the base material, reducing the With the amount of glue, the product is more environmentally friendly, and the surface material is made of a phenolic impregnated paper or a melamine glue which is highly water-repellent.
     With the advanced technology of phenolic film, the surface of the template is smooth and smooth, with high strength, light weight, strong water resistance, corrosion resistance, no warpage, no cracking, etc. The product can be used more than twenty times for turnover, reducing construction costs. Suitable for all kinds of construction projects in concrete pouring.

♦     Product parameters
Material hardwood
Level first grade
Specification 1220×2440mm
Thickness  9mm、12mm、15mm、18mm、20mm
Density Poplar of 550kg/m³, hardwood of 780kg/m³
Formaldehyde emission E0、E1、E2、WBP
Water content ≤8% -12%
color Processing and customization according to customer needs 
Water-proof poach 4-48h

♦     Main usage

Furniture, interior decoration,doors and windows, cabinets, 

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